Retirement Plan Design and Administration

Most of our business clients have a retirement plan in place for their employees. However, almost all of these plans are unique. We work with the principals of our business clients to design a plan that best meets their specific needs. 

Retain Valued Employees

The primary reasons a small business sets up a retirement plan is as a tax shelter and/or to help retain valued employees. We spend significant time keeping up to date on the ever changing regulations in this area so that we can tailor your plan to maximize your financial results, and be in compliance with all governmental regulations and administrative requirements.

We do have clients for whom the only service we perform is plan administration, however, this type of arrangement is contrary to what we think are in the clients best interest. The ongoing relationship and knowledge gained working with a business and its owners is what allows us to tailor the retirement plan to their needs, and change the Plan as needed.

An "Independent" Advisor

One service we don’t provide is that of a stock broker. We feel that making investment decisions would take us out of our normal role of being an independent source to analyze and assist in decision making.

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